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How I Began and Where I’m Headed

My Body Journey began in my 20’s. Back then I was quite large and unhappy with how I looked. So, as anyone does, I went and worked my ass off in the gym and I lost loads of weight, like loads!


Due to me being on it with my diet and exercise, the extreme weight loss caused a lot of excess skin that I was very uncomfortable with. I looked at my options and I found a clinic in Poland, and in 2020 I began my journey with an initial tummy tuck.

This was such a terrible experience mentally I have been affected with nightmares even to this day! The agents disconnected from you as soon as they received their fee so I was left to deal with the hospital myself and then when I woke up from the surgery I honestly felt it was not done correctly. I paid to have the initial tummy tuck and also liposuction to the "LOVE HANDEL" areas. This was forgotten about by the surgeon (I am still not 100% convinced it was even the surgeon I chose to do the operation as during my operation time he was seen in the consultation room with someone else)

Not much time had gone by ( a few hours) I was discharged and I had to carry my bags to a taxi to go back to the apartment and rest. when I say I was in pain I really mean it but little did I know that I should never have left the hospital and definitely not carried luggage in my condition! Then fever started but I was trapped in Poland because the big pandemic hit the world, trying to get home was impossible until the polish army help me and a few others back.


However, after coming home from the surgery my stitches burst and the scarring became ugly, thick, and in a very unusual shape. It was then diagnosed that I had a terrible infection called MRSA. my stitches continued to split open and even tho I was contacting the clinic in Poland they were not interested and blamed it on the journey home, four months later I healed but I hated how I looked naked still.

 I tried to live with it as best I could, but the impact it was having on my mental health was too much. I was hesitant to go back into surgery due to the results of the last one! What if it happened again!?


After doing my research, I found a clinic in Turkey with a surgeon who said he could absolutely fix the tummy tuck. I had also at that time begun looking at other surgery procedures I wanted to look into having done whilst I was in Istanbul and asked my surgeon if he had recommendations. When he turned round and said he could do it all I was over the moon!


Overall I had 13 surgeries in my time in Turkey, one after the other and it took it out of me. I was staying in a country I didn’t speak the language and I was worried they wouldn’t understand me and couldn’t understand the pain I was in. However, I didn’t need to worry as I had exceptional aftercare, and the staff was superb.


I returned to the UK, a little sore, but a brand new person with a new lease on life. After 6 months I still was happy about the surgery done to correct the botched tummy tuck, so I contacted my surgeon in Istanbul again to see if there were any possible options, I didn’t have high hopes. Despite my initial thoughts, my surgeon was happy to do a small procedure on the scarring and now you wouldn’t even notice it! The work he performed was something I could only dream of. I also added another few procedures to the operation list and when I look in the mirror now I actually like who I see looking back at me


Before I started my journey in Istanbul I had been in contact with Channel 4 for a series on cosmetic surgery so I could help people understand the processes before, during, and after to help people decide how to begin their next journey. ( E4 Send Nudes body SOS Episode 6 )


I will be going back to have some minor surgeries back with the same surgeon that I’ve grown to trust to help complete my full transformation! 


With all this experience under my belt, I’m here to offer my advice on all your questions and help you get the right treatment and surgeon for you!

I never want anyone going through what I went through in Poland so this is why I started helping people on their surgery journey 

Garrii xxx

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